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Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (POST)

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The language contained in the POST training statutes (R.S. 40:2401 et seq.) addresses the training of full-time, commissioned "peace officers" as defined. Although the mandates contained therein apply only to full-time officers, there is no language in the body of the law which would preclude reserve officers from being trained and certified. With the enormous liability facing law enforcement departments today, the Council decided to assist agencies in their efforts to provide all officers with the training, legal, effective and professional manner.  Reserve/part-time status is determined and defined by each agency.

In October of 1984, the Council made it possible for agency administrators to decide whether or not they wanted to have their reserve officers POST-trained and certified. The choice to certify reserves remains a voluntary one, but for certification to be awarded, these officers must meet the same minimum requirements prescribed for full-time officers. Although the reserve officer training may be provided over an extended period of time (at night and on weekends), the certified course content of the regular academy cannot be altered, and the instruction must be presented by certified instructors assigned to that academy. As in the case of regular, full-time officers, reserve officers must adhere to all standards established by the academy they attend.

Reserve/Part-time officers are required to cmplete annual firearm qualification--meeting the same standard required of full-time officers. Maintaining basic certification remains contingent upon compliance with POST rules, regulations and guidelines; certificates remain the property of the State of Louisiana and are subject to revocation, for due cause.  Interruption of service rules and regulations are the same for reserve/part-time officers as well. 

It should be noted that there is no "grandfathership" of reserve personnel, since their training and certification is not mandated. Also, tuition costs for reserve officer training are to be borne by the sponsoring agency, and are not eligible for reimbursement through POST.

updated 11/28/16