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LAVNS Registration Links


In May, 2009, LAVNS implemented an exciting new service, "LAVNS registration links". This free, easy-to-implement service allows jails that have an online "roster" to add a link to each offenders record that allows visitors to register against any this offender, without ever leaving the jail's website and without having to seach for the offender in LAVNS. Since implementing this service, East Baton Rouge and Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriffs saw a 20-fold increase in the number of registrations.

How to implement Registration links
Why should my agency use Registration Links?
Who is using LAVNS Registration Links?

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How to Implement LAVNS Registration Links

It's this easy: hyperlink a LAVNS registration logo (see below) to the following:[LAVNS AGENCY ID]&offenderID=[Offender ID]

Note, that the siteID parameter is always "19000"; LAVNS Agency ID and [Offender ID] parameters are provided by the jail. Call Keegan Larisey at 225.342.1894 for your agency's ID.

see VINE URL Link  document for more detail

Here are the logos:


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Why should I do this?

Quite simply, LAVNS Registration Links will dramatically increase the number of registrations for your agency. You will be serving victims by allowing them to search YOUR website and register against any offender -- all without leaving YOUR website. And, to a victim, this service comes from YOU and shows YOUR agency's committment to serve victims.


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Who's using Registration links...

 For more information, contact Briana Blanchard at 225.342.1608.